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We are storytellers

We have photographers, film makers, editors & an in house retoucher, marketing & admin assistant.  The team have a collective experience & creative passion, formal art training and years of wisdom in the field. Each person is warm and friendly and there to make you feel at ease, so you don’t have to think about what to do.

We are unobtrusive, gentle, relaxed, and experienced to take on any situation thrown at us.

Most of us have been in love with all aspects of storytelling since we were children. Watching the colours change and dancing light. The expression on someones face and the meaning of a gentle touch or glance. We are there to ‘see’ it all & capture it beautifully so you can relive it again & again…. because this life is so beautiful.

Meet The Team

Meet Cindy

Hi I’m Cindy, an award winning portrait photographer specialising in wedding & family photography. I was given my first camera at the age of 10 and was convinced I wanted to become a photographer then and there. I found it absolute magic that I could freeze time to look at again later.

I moved from Sydney to the South Coast of NSW in 2013 to commit all my time to running my business full time and provide my photography services to the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands.

I’ve been lucky enough to build an amazing team around me over the last 10 years and have found some amazingly talented professionals that Inspire me.

When I’m not working, you can find me walking at the beach, watching a sunset, laughing at my dogs, camping somewhere remote or attempting to sail with my sea loving hubby. I make sure to take time out of this crazy digital life & step back into nature to reset.


Wedding & Family Photography bring me so much joy. Such milestones in someones life and the fact they trust my team to be there with them and capture it keeps me humble. I like to bring a calm energy to what can be chaos at times and have elected a team that reflects that same vibe.

I believe It is positive to be surrounded by images that tell your story. For children (the miracles that they are) to see themselves celebrated on the wall, to know they are loved. For couples to see themselves connecting with each other, grounding them in their relationship. For all the generations still to come, to be able to see their ancestry.

This is why I love portrait photography and am grateful I get to do this everyday. It makes my heart burst creating images that will touch hearts and one day be a connection to the past. To happy times, significant moments. Stolen glances and warm embraces.You are all beautiful, let me show you.

So smile, because happiness looks gorgeous on you.

Kind Words

It’s hard to put into words just how fabulous Cindy is. In terms of professionalism, she goes far beyond the call of duty. She and her team went absolutely out of their way to ensure every little detail was addressed on our special day, and more. Requests we made that were difficult to accomodate were taken on with such generosity of spirit that I was really moved. I think the way Cindy works demonstrates the difference between those who treat their craft simply as a ‘job’ and those who truly put their heart and soul into what they do. The photos were phenomenal and truly captured the essence of our story; openness, candidness, humour and absolute love. The wedding video has been watched SO many times, because the vibe of the wedding seems to have been bottled so carefully inside it, that it’s like reliving the day all over again. I simply cannot recommend Live Photography Australia enough.
Jessica Arlo Irish
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